The First Holiday Inn Resort In Vietnam

Holiday Inn Resort

A Retreat’s Destination in The first beachfront integrated luxury resort.

Korn Design is a design group that is in charge of Architecture Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Design for Holiday Inn Resort.

The First Holiday Inn Resort In Vietnam


The Grand Ho Tram Strip Landscape

Via: The Grand Ho Tram Strip

Located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Ho Tram was surrounded by the natural environment with the smooth golden sands, gentle waves from an emerald blue seafront, and tropical forest behind providing the special natural beauty of the southeast coastline of Vietnam. 

Ho Tram, with a remarkable natural environment from the primeval forest, is one of the ideal places for relaxing, and retreating from busy life in urban area. A place with mild weather (in the Tropical monsoon climate) and less stormy areas.

Korn Architects - Architecture Design creates a visual journey.

This resort offers 560 rooms which will be developed within a similar volume as the first tower but implementing a more modern design and minimalist style. Fresh color combinations combined with temporary furniture will create an appealing environment for both local and international guests.

Holiday Inn Ho Tram Architecture Design Landscape

Via: Korn Architects

The Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach is officially launched in January 2022, our main inspiration was found in the culture and natural landscape of the project surroundings. Our work is produced from an architectural project to simulate the physical space that follows our philosophy that will be built as close as possible to reality.

Landscape Design by Arcadia Landscape creates a wide variety of beach-front and ParkLand recreation activities.

There is Main Pool and Kid Pool with swimming oases so stunning, swim up to the pool’s edge and take in the sights and sounds in Ho Tram Beach.

Holiday Inn Ho Tram Landscape Main Pool

Via: The Grand Ho Tram Strip

The back area called Parkland includes many entertainment activities which are a park cafe a kids playground, a badminton court, a garden maze, and a giant chessboard.

Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach Back Area

Via: The Grand Ho Tram Strip

Holiday Inn Ho Tram Maze Landscape Design

Via: The Grand Ho Tram Strip

These activities were covered by the green of landscape, Park Cafe in Parkland, and become a new place to meet at the Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach.

Holiday Inn Ho Tram

Via: The Grand Ho Tram Strip

Interior Design by Koi Studio evokes the feeling of the ocean’s presence.

Immerse in nature - our inspiration is from the coastal beach. Sandy beach, sea pebbles, tropical beach, fisherman shack, and reef gravitate toward to oasis aesthetic.

Holiday Inn Ho Tram Interior Design Main Lobby

Via: Koi Studio

These elements are combined perfectly by colors (Sea + Tropical trees) and the wilderness (Nature) with the key materials such as Carpet, Stone, Rattan, Frosted Glass, and Wood. 

We’ve created a ‘relaxed coastal’ look, this style is all about classic color combinations, subtle details, and smart accessorizing. we do like to be beside the seaside and embrace the more traditional elements of the coastal trend, but with a modern twist. 

Holiday Inn Ho Tram Interior Design All Day Dining

Via: Koi Studio

Water, waves, and ocean with design elements are depicting the movement of waves, boats, and the ocean ecosystem. The references are abstract and the combination of sand color with Azure creates an environment that feels fresh and airy. 

Holiday Inn Ho Tram Resort Interior Design

Via: Koi Studio

We can easily find out our interior design theme at any point of the resort from the resort center, and lobby lounge to all-day dining or event in the area of kid clubs and spas.

Interior Design Holiday Inn Beach Ho Tram Resort

Via: Koi Studio