About Sustainability


Green architecture is no longer a luxury but a necessity in order to retain a future competitive edge. Energy efficiency and optimized use of resources will not only help to protect the environment for the future but also save on operation cost. With the German educational background of our foreign team we deliver expert knowledge on all issues relating to life-cycle cost considerations as well as design of passive and active means of resource saving buildings. Comparing investment cost versus operational benefits Korn Architects is able to find the right balance from project to project.

Consultant coordination

Our pride is to have an in-depth understanding of engineering challenges inorder to control  and push boundaries in architectural design. We worked with an array of  international  and  local  engineering  consultants  not  only for MEPF and structural design but also lighting, landscape and retail consulting such as Dunnett Craven (UK); Arup (UK); Beca Carter (NZ). The integration of specialist knowledge is essential to ensure the success of complex building structures.

Korn Architects guides this coordination in order to progress the design in a controlled and cost-efficient way.